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Hi!! It's afternoon on March 31th. I'm writing this diary as usual over a cup of coffee on sound of the CD of "Bill Evans" which I bought recently . How luxurous mood I'm in!!

Last year on the same day as today, I just released my first 12inch single and started my indies label "LAIF ART MUSIC". So it means that on March 31th 2008 today, it's just passed 1 year since I started LAIF ART MUSIC. Thank you for all who has supported me, and I'm glad to make your acquaintance!!

I've been planning the 1year anniversary party for LAIF ART MUSIC, and I decided to have it at the same time I release my 2nd single in this year, including a release party for it as "LAIF Vol.4", which I've organized myself. I'm waiting for all of you. As soon as I decide the details, I'll announce about it here on diary.

This is about my label LAIF ART MUSIC, when I woke up and was checking e-mails as usual, I found a mail from someone I didn't know. I clicked and read it!!
It said to me "Would you like to release and sell your music on our download site?".What a big surprise!! It seemed they listened to my tracks on myspace page and gave me the offer :-)

It doesn't matter for me at all if someone buy my music or not and if it's MP3 or not!! I could think that this was just a chance for me to deliver my music made in Aomori to as many people as possible. I used to too stick to an analog record style, not a CD which is so popular in every family. Nowadays even if I listen to my analog, I can say it has a big advantage of the quality because it's analog!!

I won't change my style to release in analog , but I also try to release on CD and downloaded format.I hope my music would reach listeners in many countries and cities soon!!
I really feel music is so wonderful!! Whenever I face to music, I can't see the view of all of the world but I can feel the atmosphere and the power. I'm grateful to music that let me be eager to produce music. I'd so appreciate if people would feel many kinds of things with my music.

Therefore this month, I'm going to go to the studio which supported me a lot when I released my first single, for the works to mix down my 9tracks from my own works at the moment. This time I put all of individual files to my PC and input them into the analog machine called NEVE V3, then let them pass through some kinds of outboards for mixing!!
At the previous time when I worked for my first 12inch, I completed all of these works at home for myself and I asked for only mastering works. Therefore I decided to work with engineer starting from mixing to approach my sounds to my ideal high level. Even if the program won't be changed, I'm so excited at how my tracks will sound by being passed through superior and great machines.

I'd really like to send you all of my music in analog, CD and download format in the best quality.

I've just received the contract forms for the download sales, so I haven't decided yet which tracks I sell for downloading. I will announce about it and introduce the name of download sites to you as soon as I decide for details on diary. They are supposed to be two companies so far, so please be looking forward to the announcement!!

Enjoy your life & stay with your music!!

See you next month!!