+++ DIARY+++

2008.5.1@---@the 31st spring season of LAIF

Hi there!! I'm writing this over the valuable Brazilian fully ripe coffee hervested by hands while listening to the album of ecologist "explolations vol.1".

On April 4th, I went to the studio in Suita-shi Osaka, that was in charge of me the previous time.
I started working at 12:00. I was planning that I would work for 6 hours at first. However the engineer, Mr.Owa suddenly offered me like this "This is a valuable opportunity for you, so let's finish working on all of your tracks you'd prepared!!", I could spend 8 hours carefully for mixing all of my 9 tracks down by his considerable offer!!

It was my first experience to work for mixing down, I was a bit nervous. However in a few minutes after the sounds started coming out of moniter speakers, I could be very relaxed and work in a good mood. I guess the personality of Mr.Owa helped me feel relaxed a lot.

He spared enough time for each tracks and used various kinds of machine parts properly. I was deeply impressed by Mr.Owa's professional works.
Now I'm so excited to release these tracks this year!! Whenever I produced, mixed and mastered all of my tracks, I always hoped that my message & love could be spreaded on as many people as possible. I'm also excited about what people think of my tracks, how this feeling changes into the music and how the music spreads out!!
I'll announce some details about the date of release etc..... in diary next month, so please don't miss it.

I stayed the night at a hotel by myself and spent a special night only with my own music and me!! I remember I was thinking about many things while listening to my music over the headphones. I thought if my parents didn't love each other and if I wasn't born, my tracks hadn't been produced at all now. I haven't had the thankful feeling for my parents before, I could be able to think about it since then. And more, I realized again the fact that somebody always help me out secretly in my daily life, the fact that I could meet great friends who are very positive with things and so on. I think the power of music and process of producing tracks gave me a chance to think about these things deeply.

Enjoy your life & stay with your music!!

See you next month!!