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2008.5.30@---@the soul of LAIF ART MUSIC

Hi!! This month's update is one day earlier than usual. There will be a party on May 31st tomorrow, therefore in the mid of June I'm going to update what I feel at the party"harmony" and the detail about download sale of my new tracks which I announced last month. Please visit here in the mid of June.

The other day, a CD album was delivered to my house leaving NYC through Shimokita in Aomori. A piece of paper was included in the album and I found a strong message on it. I deeply think that if all the people all over the world can understand the meaning of that message, none of wars among some countries may happen in the world. It warmed my heart strongly to hear the message.
All music compiled in the CD was magnificent and passionate as if I could clearly see through the sounds.
I wished I can produce music like this album someday.

Respect!! Mr. JC !!

This is an information from LAIF ART MUSIC. I've just uploaded one of my tracks, the title of the track is "Heartech". The theme of the track is about souls of everything and everybody related to me.
If you have to time, please listen to the track closing your eyes. I'm glad if you hold some feeling when the sound stops. Take time to listen and feel my track.

Enjoy your life & stay with your music!!

See you next month!!