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2008.8.1@---@LAM 002

This month I added new track on myspace. The title of this track is "N.I.A.W.A.W" that nothing is as worthless as war. Just before the Russo-Japanese War, there was a terrible accident in Mt.Hakkoda in winter and about 200 people in the military force met a disaster and died. I created this track with a feeling which I felt when I passed though the prefectural highway 40 in Aomori. Actually along the road there is the camping site of the soldiers and the site where the first survivor was found , I feel oppressed in the chest. If they were no war, this wouldn't have happend at all......... There must be people whom we need to give a support and save before people fight between the countries and the persons. "N.I.A.W.A.W" has my message like that. I would appreciate it if you could take your time on this track.