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2008.9.1@---@September LAIF
Hi!! First of all, from LAIF ART MUSIC I have an information about my digital release of "DREAMS CREATE THE FUTURE EP" on 4th Aug 2008. It has just been available on iTunes store as well as on juno download and KINGBEAT!!! This digital release is really meaningful for LAIF ART MUSIC and I believe that it became a first step to my future.

To those of courage who bought my "DREAMS CREATE THE FUTURE EP" with their precious money which they earn for hard work.
These 4 tracks are still far from perfect and are only half in bloom. Please fill the other half and make them in bloom with the heart of you who listened my tracks.
"DREAMS CREATE THE FUTURE", it never falls, it is invisible, it appers only in the heart, it is a special flower named music.......

Have a great autumn!!