+++ DIARY+++

2008.11.1@---@LAIF in Autumn
Hi!! It's been getting much colder in the morning and the night. At last my favorite season Autumn has come!!

I added my new track "4-leaf" on myspace. Please feel the message and sound of image of a four leaf clover.

I have one more news about LAIF ART MUSIC. The plan that I'm going to release new record is progressing in good speed. At the moment I'm going to a studio in Osaka where I always get big support for a mastering of my tracks. As soon as I'm ready for the details about my release I will let you know on diary, so please come to check here.

If I hadn't gone to the live of my respectable artist and hadn't felt anything, I wouldn't have planned to go to Osaka for mastering in December.
Now I can make a digital release whenever I want to do so, but I realized a feeling which I was about to forget on the way here. I realized the passion for releasing a vinyl. I made a decision on that night that my next release would be in Analog!!

I keep my steps forward to my next release step by step.
See you next month. Be careful not to catch a cold....

Have a great autumn!!