+++ DIARY+++

2009.1.15@---@LAIF ART MUSIC 2009

A Happy New Year!!
Last year in 2008 I spent the meaningful and great year for LAIF ART MUSIC.
I will keep making good progress with my dream as well as 2008, so I hope your support for me continue this year as always.

Sorry, I didn't update my diary because I'd been bit busy. But I have some story to tell you. At first, on November 22nd I went to Sapporo with my wife and some of my good friend to go to a special party "MUSIC IS LOVE" hosted by David Mancuso at fillmore north. As you know it's very famous place for people who love music and dancing. At the reception I luckily got the one of last 12 records "My Favorite Things" and went down to the dance floor. My wife, my friends and I kept dancing over some glasses of beer and had great time.
The atmosphere which was produced by the end of a track, fantastic sound systems, many staffs who supported David and of course, the selection of music..., everything at the party was great!!

I met a 50 year-old man from Sapporo and he said to me, "Music should be sympathetic!!". I strongly agreed with his deep and meaningful word and it made me feel heartful.

Next, as I told you in November, I went to a studio "STUDIO YOU" in Osaka for mastering of my tracks which were supposed to be released this year. This is my third time to work with the engineer Mr.Owa, so everything went smoothly. I think I can finish all of the processes to release my record by myself, but the final quality is totally different from that of mine, so I decided to go to Osaka and rely on Mr.Owa's trained ears and great machines.

I could be satisfied with all of the works with him, so I'm very excited to release my new record this year. I deeply hope many people around the world to check and listen to my new record. Please stay tuned for my diary!! I'm going to announce release schedule when it's ready.

Enjoy your winter life!! Hope all is well with you and yours.