+++ DIARY+++

2009.3.1@---@Future Bell

Hi, how have you been?
It's been two years passed since I started this diary and it means the 3rd year has begun now.
This year I'll start my project with a release my second single in analog, and then I'm going to delote myself in producing one of my goals, the first album.
In about 10days I'll receive a test pressing, I can announce the details like release date, about my second release then. In this release, a new reassuring shop as well as some shops which helped me when I released 1st analog joined us, so I will write about it soon.

In the end of last month, I added a new track "Future Bell". I felt some human's feeling ,such as joyfulness, hope, and love which I felt when I holded my sister's baby in my arms. I'm not a father yet but I felt a kind of feeling then, so I expressed those feelings in this track.
I would like you to enjoy and listen with image of your precious somebody as you like. Enjoy.

Please look forward to next update!!
See you soon.