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007. pork cutlet restaurant
1-1-9 Honcho Aomori-shi, Aomori Japan
business hours / 11:30〜13:30 17:00〜2:30(next day)
Open 365 Days


pork cutlet set

This shop "Kitahachi" is a famous pork cutlet shop in Aomori. When I was about 20 years old, I ate the cutlet for the first time. Since then I sometimes go to this place when I feel like eating a cutlet. The other day, I went there in a long time!! Of course, it was very nice. It's very crispy and deep-flied with medium-grind bread crumbs. Sauce in a small deep dish is served separately. There are mamy kinds of flied dishes on menu and you can order one dish in a set. Staffs are kind and friendly, so I think you can relax. Recommend!!

006. ramen & gyoza restaurant
1-10-8 Tsutsumimachi Aomori-shi Aomori-ken Japan
Tel 81-17-734-3380
business hours / pm5:00-am1:10(L.O)
regular holiday / Sunday

Mama !!

Special sauce. Can you see the garlic chips?
This is a popular ramen & gyoza shop located along Tsutsumi River in Aomori city. I've introduced some nice places for lunch or dinner near Tsutsumi river so far, and this shop is new one. I strongly recommend "gyoza(a Chinese dumpling). I love gyoza!! This gyoza is flavored with garlic, and also special sauce is flavored with garlic and too as you see on the picture!! It tastes really good!! How tasty. I sometimed order another plate. Once you open the entrance door, nice chearful mama always smiles to welcome you. I come here about once a month. It doesn't take long to come here from my house and I can walk here, so I love to eat this gyoza with a glass of beer :-) Hope you can find this place and eat a lots of special gyozas !!

005. soba shop "Hirataya" 1-11-9 Tsutsumimachi Aomori-shi Aomori-ken Japan
Tel 81-17-734-5531
business hours / am10:00-pm8:00
Old Fashioned Ramen

set lunch menu
This is a soba shop along Tsutsumi River in Aomori city. This shop has the great variety of japanese food menu such as, noodles, ramens, set menu with rice. And prices are really reasonable. There is many kinds of nice shops for lunch and dinner around my house and this is also one of them. Pictures on the left is old fasioned ramen and really nice. On the right side, it's pork lunch set menu. The location is easy to know. Once you find a police station beside Tsutsumi river, it's accross the street!!

004. rice cracker shop
"Miura senbei "
2-24-18 Tsutsumimachi Aomori-shi Aomori-ken Japan
Tel 81-17-734-4731
business hours / am7:00-pm7:00
regular holiday / none
rice cracker with almonds
tin ware showcase
This is an old-established "senbei" shop in my town. Senbei are Japanese cracker, made from rice. A lot of kinds of senbei are stocked in a tin case and they are baked in the back of the shop. When I feel like to eat senbei, I go to this senbei shop to get some nice ones, not to a convenience store. This shop is near to my house like other shops on this page. My personal favorite is "Almond senbei" ,whose picture is on the left and "Peanut senbei". They are, of course, delicious senbeis but they are a bit soft to the taste like cookies with simple flavor. They go really well with coffee. The owner sometimes serves a flesh-baked senbei and give a discount to me. I like the staff's consideration for a customer which is really nice. It is located near to the "Tsutsumi bridge" on Route 4 and it takes about three minutes from there. Why don't you try to find it???

003. Chinese restaurant "Ryuen" 1-26-6 Hanazono Aomori-shi Aomori-ken Japan
Tel 81-17-742-2103
business hours / am11:00-pm3:00, pm5:00-pm9:00
regular holiday / Wednesday
Chinese restaurant

gomoku ramen

This shop is a Chinese restaurant along Fujitagumi street in Aomori city. It has a casual atmosphere and they serve real things, which are really delicious. I would like to recommend a lot of dishes, but I like "gomoku ramen" the best!! It is a Chinese noodle topped with a sticky sauce with fish and vegetables. The properly seasoned stickey sauce goes really well with noodles. It's filling enough for a man. So nice!!
They serves so many kinds of dishes and most of them are priced reasonable. I'm sure the taste is nicer than that of from some restaurants at high grade hotels. It's good to order one dish each, and more, it's also good to try a course menu. The parking lot is very small so you'd better not to go there at mealtime!!

002. Buckwheat-noodle shop
1-12-22 Aoyagi Aomori-shi Aomori-ken Japan
Tel 81-17-734-2457
business hours / 10:30-18:30 regular holiday / Tuesday
curry namban udon

This is an old shop established in 1902. It's surprising that the traditional taste has been kept and it has passed more than one hundred years from generation to generation. The inside of a store shrouds the good smell of the bonito broth , and the atmosphere is so good too. The dried bonito seems to be plane in the store.
Especially I recommend to order "curry namban udon" (whitewheat noodles in curry-flavoured bonito broth)-650yen. You can choose soba (buckwheat noodles) instead of udon as you like. The taste of curry-flavoured bonito broth is super nice!! Here is a buckwheat-noodle shop, but I strongly recommend this "curry namban udon"!! I'm sure you'll be addicted to it once you try it. It takes about 10 minutes by car from Aomori station to the east, hope you find the shop!!:-)

001. Yakisoba-shop "Suzuki"   2-8-9 Aoyagi Aomori-shi Aomori-ken Japan
Tel. 81-17-777-8166
business hours / 10:30-18:30
Yakisoba shop

This is Yakisoba.

Have you ever eaten Japanese popular dish "Yakisoba"? It literally "fried noodles" is a dish often sold at festivals in Japan. Most of Japanese love Yakisoba.
According to the statistics, citizens in Aomori love noodles best in Japan!! This shop "Suzuki"is the most oldest Yakisoba shop in Aomori city and it serves only Yakisoba. The menu is simple,so it's very easy to order. It has only regular,large and x-large size. I feel like eating this yakisoba at least once a month. Of course I always order x-large.
Why don't you try Yakisoba? And when you have a chance to come to Aomori,I strongly recommend this shop:-)
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