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Do you like koffee?
I'm so addicted to coffee from all over the world.
Coffee goes hand in hand with music in my life!!
While listening to music, chatting with friends, feeling like to have a break, I always have a cup of coffee.
Nowadays I roast beans myself and taste my original coffee everyday!!
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mocca green beansThis time I write about what has become of mocca coffee. Because of the residual agricultural chemicals problem, it's been about half a year since all of mocha coffee were stopped in the port. Of course I can't buy mocca green beans now and the situation is still serious.
The other day, I read an article on Yomiuri online that almost all major maker and a lots of cafes need to find and substitute other coffee for mocca and examine the combination of coffees or balance of roasting to provide similar flavor of mocca for customers. I'm fond of the unique, so fruity mocca flavor and it always makes me relax and happy. However, I hope this problem will be solved and all will go well with all of the people in the coffee industry. I deeply hope it.


my coffee tree
This is my own lovely coffee tree. About 2 months passed since I got the young tree of coffee. It will take about 3 years until I can enjoy the taste of beans from this tree.
It's getting colder these days, I'm going to put it into my house to prevent it from the coldness. I'm exciting about how much they will grow up!!

By the way I heard the news about the coffee from Ethiopia recently. Unfortunately, the residual agricultural chemicals was detected by the monitor inspection from all green beans at the port, so they were abandoned. Same green beans as those from Ethiopia are normally imported to the United States of America or Europe, because there is a difference of the standard of the residual agricultural chemicals among countries. In Japan that of coffee is much lower than that of fresh vegetables. I feel strange and I can't understand. This is still considerably painful situation. I'll just wait the next news.

However it is good season for enjoying drinking coffee. I love it!! It's been colder day by day in my city Aomori, so a cup of coffee makes me feel good. Have you tasted good coffee recently?

Serious news has jumped into the coffee industry. This is the report about it.

The coffee from Ethiopia and from Yemen starts disappearing from the market now. Because the residual agricultural chemicals was detected by the monitor inspection (sample inspection), which is usually done when importing it. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare issued the instruction of the whole quantity inspection in May, and several residual agricultural chemicals were detected newly.
Most of mocha coffee have been stopped in the port and they can't clear the customs in Japan, so this is considerably painful situation. There is still absolutely no prospect of importing them until the cause of this problem will be found. Therefore, domestic trades of green beans was stopped and the stock of mocha coffee seems to start disappearing from the market. It means that the coffee from Ethiopia and from Yemen can't be drunk for a while at all. What a shocking news......
However, the coffee which are on the domestic market now seem not to have any problems. The reference value of the agricultural chemicals is also much lower than that of other foods. It is reported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that even if people in good health take the concerned coffee every day, there is no influence on health.

It is very painful news for me because I love mocca coffee the best. When it comes to coffee, mocca coffee is the first to image. I'm deeply hoping that green beans trading companies can resume importing the coffee from Ethiopia and Yemen as soon as possible. Once new information is announced, I'm going to report on it.

coffee hemp bag There is a clear reason why the coffee is delicious for delicious coffee. Moreover, there is a reason why the coffee is not delicious somehow .
One of the reasons is caused by a sort.@There are various species of coffee plant nowadays and the two main cultivated species are Arabica coffee indigenous to Ethiopia and Robusta coffee indegenous to the Congo in Africa. About 70% of the coffee cultivated worldwide is Arabica and about 30% is Robusta. Arabica has more flavor and sweetness than Robusta. For this reason, Arabica is considered more suitable for drinking as regular coffee (making coffee by griding beans), and Robusta is for the canned coffee or instant coffee. Arabica is cultivated in the high ground from one thousand to two thousand meters above sea level; but it is more susceptible to desease, dryness and frost than Robusta, so it takes plenty of time and labor. The main Arabicacoffee used to be the two of arabica 'Typica' and cofee arabica 'Bourbon'. But the species of coffee has been improved a lot so far, lots of new species, such as arabica 'Caturra',coffee arabica 'Mundo Novo' and coffee arabica 'Catuai' has cultivated more and more. However, consumers tend to desire higher quality of coffee taste , the great flavor of coffee arabica 'Typica has been evaluated again recently.
A clear standard of the common quality of the bean in the world was not formed until it is around 2000. High-quality coffee is given a title "Speciality coffee" and it's one of the standards to choose delicious coffee. In order to have the title , it is needed to clear several severe standards on all stages, such as a rich personality of flavor, quality of the beans, how the coffee served in a cup. I really feel like thanking coffee farmers by thinking of the fact that for this reason, I can drink tasty coffee and I can choose my favorite coffee according to this standard.
If you would like a real nice coffee, you should drink speciality coffee. I love drinking it only everyday. I'll keep seeking the charm of coffee!!

Roasting beans.

the mesh of roaster

Well, I talk about home coffee roaster this time.
My home roaster is a hand grilling roaster of the punching type that tiny holes are open on the surface of the drum. It's hard for it to roast a large amount of beans at a time though, I really like it and it's very attractive. Because of the reason that I can enjoy my satisfying taste by hand roasting with my skill which cannot be done by machinery.
Almost of all roasters for business use are drum type without holes on the surface. Usually smokes are coming out of the chimney, therefore beans are shrouded in smog for a while. There are three types of roast such as the fire type, the half hot wind type and the hot wind type, and as Mr.Tony of TONY BEANS said, "The fire type is the best for delicious coffee!!", I selected this fire type. The punching type of roaster doesn't have smoky sense because smoke run away from the holes on surface quickly. I think this makes the taste of my coffee plain, delicious and unique.

There is no shop in my city Aomori where I can drink hand roasted coffee, therefore I really feel that hand roasted coffee by myself is more delicious!! I can't help experiencing whatever I like, so it suits me very well :-) I'll try to be an expert at roasting beans!!

The beans I'm roasting in the picture are ripe beans of Brazil which are handpicked and dried on the shelves. They have just hervested this year. Only hear to the name it sounds really nice. I roasted a bit deeply and tasted them. They have the full-bodied flavour of Brazil itself and are so balanced that they met my needs and felt fully relaxed!!

I'm roasting beans. Guatemala

This is me :-) It's about to complete roasting beans.
My home roaster which I introduced before, it's getting very attractive as I use for a long time. We're having warm spring days, I don't feel lazy to work in the workshop. The roasted beans are "Guatemala". It includes only a few fault beans and it looks very beautiful. The owner of this farm values and keeps the traditional process in this area(Antigua), and he serves only full ripe, 100% sundried beans. As his effort and passion show, the taste is very delicious without any complaints.
In a few days, I can receive new beans which I ordered recently, so I'm very excited!!

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